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Welcome to Futurism Today

Welcome to the Futurism Today website where you can find a collection of Blogs, Videos, & Podcasts discussing the cutting-edge technology and Ideas that are shaping our future. Follow us for the latest in science, technology, engineering, sociology, economics, and more.

The History

Explore the history behind the technology we use today and join us as we predict how the discoveries of the past have led us to where we are today. Engage in discussion about the birth of the futurist movement and how sci-fi has captured the imaginations of not just enthusiasts, but scholars around the world.

Did you know that the internet was first theorized in the late 1800s?

Learn how visionaries like H.G. Wells, George Orwell, and many others fueled technology ideas long before they're a reality.

The Innovation

Dive deep into emerging technology and join in-depth discussions with experts and visionaries of today. Find out what problems the brightest minds are working on solving and how they will one day affect your daily lives.

The Possibilities

Join us on a journey through the what-if scenarios as we make predictions on what the future of tomorrow might look like and how we overcome some of society's biggest challenges like poverty, climate change, and space exploration.

Experience The Story

Join futurist and host, Terry Foster as he takes you on a journey into the future through a variety of multimedia storytelling mediums. Whether you enjoy a podcast on the go, a blog for a leisurely read, or a video to pull you into action, Terry is always creating new and exciting content.

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