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Terry Foster

Futurist/ Author

Everyone has a story so if I'm going to tell you stories, I should at least start with my own. 

My name is Terry Foster and I am a Futurist. 

Ever since I was young, I would look around and ponder what the world would look like in the future. Would we live on other planets? Would we still have to go to work each day?

After spending most of my life working in various careers, first as a chef, then as a woodworker, I would constantly talk about the future to anyone who would listen. I would discuss the latest in technology news that I stumbled upon or a documentary I might have been watching on climate change or some other major issue. 

Eventually, I started to research more into areas of science, technology, sociology, philosophy, and even history. I began to look at the problems the world was facing today, such as poverty, natural resources, population, and the environment; and started asking myself if these problems would still exist in 500 years. 

I started to explore obscure, almost rebel ideas about how we might have solved these problems in the future and started to think backward. I began to piece together a vision of the future where none of the traditional struggles still exist. 

This is when I decided it was time to start writing. Now, I am dedicating my time to introducing these ideas and the ideas of many futurists before me, into the world.



Conestoga College

Multimedia Journalism

Honours With Distinction 

Journalist Of The Year Award

Best Multimedia News Story Award

Entrepreneurship & Promotion Award

Academic Excellence Scholarship


Conestoga College

Social Media Marketing

Post-Graduate Certificate Program


Stratford Chef School

Culinary Arts

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